with an extended family.

Also eliminating 98% of water impurities such as chlorine, water wastage is also limited to 25% less than many other similar systems. One of its most attractive features is that it uses a convenient plug-in-and-use technology.

Everyone appreciates a minimum of maintenance in a busy contemporary lifestyle, and this model delivers exactly that. Advanced technology that produces pure water, while also saving you time and energy is definite must.

Plug-in-and-use technology equates to zero installation time, which also means that your first drink of purified water is rapidly produced. Additionally, low maintenance features also mean that this is a very durable water purifier.

The Hydro-Logic 31040 Stealth-RO200 is definitely a great competitor for other similar products on the market. Elimination of 98% of tap water impurities quite simply adds to the attraction.

Despite producing 200 gallons of pure water every day, and removing chlorine, it is also an effective power saver. This reverse osmosis water system saves up to 25% more electricity than other products in its class.

Research indicates that this water purifier is also ideally suited to drawing water from wells. Water wells usually have a very brackish water, which can be quite unpleasant to use for household purposes. Fortunately, as a large water volume purifier, this model easily eliminates large quantities of iron, neutralizes high pH levels, and normalizes ppm.

After measuring the output of this system, the pH indicated a figure of 5.7 and a ppm of 10. Following up on a small leak, I was pleasantly surprised to find that after sales services for this company were also very helpful. I was quickly assisted, and my leak was fixed within minutes. Impressive!